Monday, July 4, 2011

Yeah, I flipped out...

It's technically Monday, but I haven't gone to bed yet so I still consider it to be Sunday. Today has been quite the interesting Sunday. Because it is 4th of July weekend most of my ward is out of town, so we just had a small testimony meeting. After church I spent my time reading scriptures and writing to a missionary, and later I took a nap...the standard Sunday activities. Around midnight, my only roommate that stayed in town this weekend went to bed. I was tired and would have gone to bed as well, but I have been craving homemade chocolate chip cookies for awhile now, so I decided to stay up and make a quick batch (yes Lisa, I cheated AGAIN). I put "The Best Two Years" on while I baked and kept the door open to let in some cool air because it's been quite warm lately. It's about 2am as I finish baking the cookies, and I sit down in the near-darkness to finish my movie, which has about half an hour left. I am enjoying the cool air coming in through the open front door. The only light comes from the TV and the porch light right outside my front door. Throughout the evening several moths have found their way inside, but now the lights are off and all is still. So I am surprised when another one flies in...annoying. Wait, this one is bigger than the others. That's right, it wasn't a moth that flew in; it was a BAT!!! I'm sitting on the couch freaking out as it flies from the kitchen to the opposite corner in the living room and back again. Where I sit is halfway between the two corners of the front room and each time it makes a pass it flies a little lower. I hide as best I can under a throw pillow. I slide to the floor and make it to the hallway, which is cut off from the front room by a door. I wake my roommate up and we slowly open the door back to the front room...but the bat is gone! We hurry to close the front door. We eat cookies and laugh as we cautiously look around at the dark corners, half-expecting a bat to burst from the folds of the jackets hanging up. People...if you leave your doors open, something unexpected just might fly in. I found this out the hard way.

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