Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goodbye to Mississippi

Apparently I wasn't meant to be in the South. After I was there for a week and lost my job, I looked and looked for a new job. I did secure a nanny job, but I wasn't going to be needed until January, so I tried to find something between now and then. I filled out application after application, but wasn't having much luck. I considered other options as well, and was very tempted to just quit and move back to Washington. One of the options I had been thinking about was being a live-in nanny on the East Coast. I have wanted to do this for years, but it has never been the right time. So I went online and researched an agency that primarily places LDS girls in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and occasionally other states when their families move away from the East Coast. The more I thought about doing this, the more excited I got! I felt that this was the right time to pursue this path and I don't know that I will have another opportunity to do it later. There was no point in staying in Mississippi and continuing to look for a job there when I was planning to take a job on the East Coast as soon as I could get a placement. So I decided to leave Mississippi and drive back to Missouri to spend the holidays with my family. I drove all day on Thursday and I feel so much better and more relaxed now. While I enjoyed Mississippi and grew to love the South, the time I spent there was very stressful. I love it here in the Midwest! And I'm excited to be with my family! I've been talking with the agency I found online and they have a family that is looking for a new nanny to start after Christmas, which would be perfect timing. So hopefully I will be placed quickly and then I will get to start on another new adventure!