Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fun Times in the CITY

Ok yes, I am aware that a new post is needed already, so here we go...

I am back in Seattle and it has been so much fun! But it has also been a very strange experience. I went to my old ward and I knew maybe 25% of the people there. I have realized more and more how much things have changed here in Seattle. Not that change is a bad thing; look at me and all that has changed in the last year. It's just weird. I don't like change. My life would suggest otherwise.

Spending my days with my old roomies, the Markland's, has been so wonderful! I have missed these girlies so much. When I flew in last weekend, we spent Sunday listening to General Conference at the Stake Center. They were all wonderfully inspiring talks and I look forward to reading them again in next month's Ensign.

Tuesday morning I got to see my massage therapist for a 90 minute massage and it was absolutely AMAZING!!! I love her and I wish I could take her with me to Rexburg. Also on Tuesday, I went to dinner with my cousin Amy. She picked me up after work and we drove to West Seattle to eat at my very favorite Mexican restaurant, Puerto Vallarta! And then we had ice cream at Husky Deli I think...I got a scoop of blackberry cheesecake and it was oh so delicious! On Wednesday evening I took a bus downtown to meet Amy again. It was a very interesting bus ride...I have never been through the bus tunnels downtown. In fact, I'm pretty sure I didn't know they existed. Whenever people referred to tunnels and buses, I always assumed they were talking about the viaduct...anyway...I met Amy downtown and then we took an express bus to Federal Way to spend the evening with our Grandma! And then Amy drove me back to Seattle...she's awesome like that.

Thursday was mostly a lazy morning, but the afternoon was packed full of fun: I was able to see my chiropractor and I have definitely decided that I need to find an amazing chiropractor in Rexburg. It is worth the money people. I am going back Monday morning and I cannot wait! I haven't had a good adjustment since I left Seattle 7 months ago, so there was some serious popping going on in my body and it felt wonderful. After my adjustment I was able to see the girls I nannied, Jia and Hannah! Their mom, Alison, came and picked me up for dinner at China Harbor and then we went to the lower area of that building for their swimming lessons. It was so good to see them all! The night finished with a visit from another dear friend of mine (and the Markland's): Whitney Thompson! She is an amazing woman and I really wish I could see her more often.

Friday afternoon was quite delightful. Jenessa and I walked around the U-District to Goodwill in an attempt to find dresses for a photo shoot we were hoping to do. Then we were unsuccessful in finding somewhere to eat lunch...sad story there. So we went home, looked up a bus route downtown and decided to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. So delicious and so bad. Then we walked across the street to see the movie "Beastly" which is based off a book of the same name by Alex Flinn. I was worried because the movie has received a lot of bad reviews...however I really enjoyed it and wouldn't mind seeing it again. Friday ended on a cold note. Jenessa and I took the bus back home and then decided that we needed to take a dip in the Ship Canal. This is a fun pastime of ours...we did not have such a fun time this night. We knew it would be cold. I did not think it would steal the breath from my lungs, but that is exactly what happened. We were hoping we'd be able to swim for a bit, but that was not possible. We pretty much stripped, got in, dunked, got right back out and had to walk back up the hill dripping and freezing. We were applauded by the pot-smoking and alcohol-drinking persons who were also hanging out at the park. My first week back in Seattle has been quite fun and I am excited for next week: more fun times with my Markland's!